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about Reka

The Reka region is located in the western Macedonia, between Mavrovo and Debar on one side, and the border with Republic of Albania and Kičevo area on the other. Geographically, Reka region is bordered with the southern slopes of Šar Mountain on the north, and the northern parts of the Dešat Mountain on the south. Korab and Krčin Mountains draw the western border, while Bistra and Stogovo Mountains draw the eastern one.

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Roots and Rhizomes

1. The Timetable
Roots and Rhizomes is the title of the project that was conceived in the beginning of 1999. It was incepted in accordance with the guidelines set forth in Research and Education Programme of SCCA Network. During the initial, articulating stages of Roots and Rhizomes, as if everything were revolving around the interpretation of the requirements enlisted in the Programme. The very first reaction was that there is a need for an analysis, a developmental projection and proposals for a value model that would improve relations between the processes of higher education in art history and the career of the practicing art historian of today. Further on, all of these demands were subject to subsequent restriction - in terms of regional, cultural and political particularities pertaining to the so-called societies in transition from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

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Understanding The Balkans

General Idea of the Conference

The project titled as UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS is conceived as a challenge to examining the alteration stratum of the Balkans, concentrating strongly on questions of society, culture, art, and history. Reflections and analysis dedicated to these complex issues were examined during the Conference that took place in Ohrid, October 2000.

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Tik Tak Tok

An international inter-disciplinary collaboration between Artists, Designers, Writers, Philosophers and Students from Dundee (Scotland) and Skopje (Republic of Macedonia)

First Exhibition: December 13 - 20, 2000 Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia
Second Exhibition: February 15 - 10 march. 2002, The University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland

Organized by: 
The Contemporary Art Center - Skopje and 
The University of Dundee's Visual Research Centre

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