Mobile Gallery

Gallery will be mobile and easy montage, it will be located on same place maximally up to 3-4 weeks (period enough for 3-4 projects)  and after that gallery will change its micro location (this will have to be done because of easy getting licenses for installing gallery in public space). Considering that Skopje does not have independent artistic(cultural) space mainly gallery will be located in Skopje, but also gallery will be available “on demand” for all interested artist or cultural/civil sector operators all across Macedonia.

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Montage Gallery

Contemporary Arts Center - Skopje

Address: bul. Goce Delcev, DTC Mavrovka Lamela A 1/10
1000 Skopje, Macedonia 

Tel./fax: +389 2 3133-541

Team of CAC:

Anita Ivkovik

Nikola Pisarev
Project manager