Artist & Refugees

About the project

The project “Artists and Refugees,” aims to narrate the experiences of war and aggression on Ukraine to audiences in the North Macedonia, Kosovo and wider region of Europe. Its primary objective is to empower refugees to share their stories of aggression with the world, using emotional power of art and the expertise of artists to transform these stories and testimonies into artworks. 

About the exhibition

The exhibition Artists and Refugees contains artworks of tree artists from North Macedonia, tree from Kosovo and one artist from Ukraine. At the beginning of the idea for this exhibition artists get heavy task to transform personal stories of refugees from Ukraine in to art works that will use emotional power of art to disseminate the authentic narratives of Ukrainian refugees and in this way contribute to spreading the truth about the war and aggression.


Contemporary Arts Center - Skopje

Address: bul. Goce Delcev, DTC Mavrovka Lamela A 1/10
1000 Skopje, Macedonia 

Tel./fax: +389 2 3133-541

Team of CAC:

Anita Ivkovik

Nikola Pisarev
Project manager